Public Health Masking Reminders

Public Health Masking Reminders
Posted on 01/19/2022

All elementary students (K-8) are required to wear a face mask when at school, indoors and outdoors, at all times except when eating or drinking. 

Our students have already been doing a good job during our nutrition breaks at following important routines to ensure safety for all. Students are all forward facing when masks are off. Talking and moving around the room are limited.

Some important guidance from Public Health about face coverings:

Neck gaiters are no longer allowed because they are usually only made with a single layer of fabric. They can also be loose and fall down easily. According to guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada, it is recommended that face coverings are 3 layers which includes a middle, filter layer.

Students wearing cloth face coverings of any style should be encouraged to change to a new one if it becomes dirty or wet. When masks are soiled, they are not as effective. They are also harder to breathe through and can increase skin irritation.

Cloth face coverings should be cleaned frequently in hot soapy water and allowed to dry completely.

We will provide three-ply face masks at school as needed.

For more information please check out the link below.

Public Health Masking Guidance