Report a Student Absence

Report a Student Absence
Posted on 09/25/2023
Image of Report a Student Absence graphicOne of our greatest priorities is ensuring that all students arrive safely to school every day. To improve our safe arrival process, Limestone District School Board has made some changes to our SafeArrival absence reporting management system. The most significant of which is the addition to report half day absences.

Elementary parents/caregivers now have a new option for the type of half day absence being reported:
•  Late Arrivals - If your elementary or secondary student will be away for the morning, report a Late Arrival, with the arrival time being the expected time the student will arrive at the school. 

Please note, each student signing in or out of the school will still need to do so from the main attendance office.

For more information about our SafeArrival absence reporting management tool click here.