Our Staff

Kindergarten A - Ms. Lockwood (teacher) & Ms. Butler (ECE)     

Kindergarten B - Ms. Kingston (teacher) & Ms. Schembri (ECE)

Grade SK/1 - Ms. Bauml

Grade 1/2 - Ms. Hogle

Grade 2/3 - Ms. McGrath

Grade 3/4 - Ms. Hay 

Grade 4 - Ms. Dacosta

Grade 5/6 - Ms. Sparrow

Grade 6/7 - Mr. Nickel

Grade 7/8 - Ms. Morrisey

Grade 8 - Mr. Kyte


Primary French - Mme.Pengali

Intermediate French - Mme. Manning

Music -Ms. Benest


School to Community: Ms. Warren

Student Support Teacher: Ms. Clapp

Educational Assistants: Ms. Cahoon, Ms. Patterson, Ms. Knight, Ms. Valin, Ms. Waymer

Yard and Classroom Support: Ms. Reid

Head Custodian: Mr. Lattimer (Mr. Jeff)

Evening Custodian: Mr. Struthers (Mr. Steve)

Office Administrator: Ms. MacDonald


Principal: Ms. Paquin

Vice-Principal: Ms. Clapp